Im here to introduce the fascinating character of this reel.


1. This reel delivers the excellent retrieve power that I did not expected this is HG. I have actually challenged mid-deep sea fishing with this reel and realised it was so much comfortable to retrieve even heavy-weight jigs.


2. The reduced weight-body. Thanks to this lightweight body, it is much easier to pitch-jerking even when using heavy-weight jigs around 400-700g. On top of that, it supports you to fight with stubborn fish which normally takes you a whlie


3. This reel also featured with the maximum drag capacity at 25kg with carbon twin-drag system since the reel has been designed by taking the situation of challenging big game fishing such as Kingfish and Amberjack into account. On top of that, the system delivers anglers perfect control on fishing line i.e. smoothly releasing the line and swiftly stopping the line; this characteristic is especially effective with the technique of straight-pumping.


4. Also, the custom-made reel equipped with a comfortable handle knob which also contributes the excellent fishing experience. (Arm: 110mm, handle knobs: 100mm).


5. This is purely based on personal opinion, but the colour choice on this reel makes itself more like professional equipment and I believe this is also one of the important point for all anglers, too.


Overall, even though I have more thing to talk about this reel, but I recommend you to actually visit Ocean Freaks office and try it - seeing is believing.  


From a number of testing, I promise that this reel must be a one of the secret weapons for those anglers who want to challenge the deep-sea big game fishing.


 CAPTCHA 60HG は大型青物、遊泳力のある根魚等の急激な突っ込みに対応した滑らか且つ強力な








Captcha50HG、当社のスロージギング専用リールCaptcha 60HG、Captcha 30HGに続いてCaptcha 50HGが誕生しました。








Oceanfreaks Captcha50HG


Following the successive apprearance and overwhelm acceptance of Oceanfreaks Captch60HG and 30HG by the slow jigging enthusiasts in Japan, we will soon adding a new member in our Captcha family in the form of Captcha 50HG come 2018 Autumn. Why did we decide to introduce 50HG into the family? Below are the reasons:-


First and foremost, our slogan for Captcha series is light but powerful. The resaon for Captcha to be light weight is because it is a slow jigging dedicated reel. Tackle used for slow jigging must be balanced, so there is no purpose to increase the reel tougness by adding thickness and weight to it. Normally we will use maximum PE 4 braided line for slow jigging, so if we retrrive the line forcefully during a fight with a moster, our braided line will break off before we damage the reel. Therefore it serves no purpose to design the reel frame to be over strudy and stout.


The material selected for our reel frame is aluminum. With unique processing tehnology, our reel frame display better quality and toughness. In addition, our reel have a very simple internal structure. This is done not for cost reduction, rather we realise that the more parts are used to build a reel, the higher chances malfunction will occurred on the reel. Other brand may require 3 to 4 parts to build the drive gear, but we have managed to build with 2 parts to achieve the same, if not better drive gear performance. This is achieve through hardwork and dedication on researce and experiment!


So what does it means by powerful? Powerful in this regards refers to the design of the reel structure, gear ratio, spool diameter, bearing sizes and handle length. By matching these components cleverly, we have produce a reel that is effortless but high in line retrieving capability. High retrive capabiity will ensure that energy will pass on to the jig to make it dance lively, effortless will reduce our physical stress when jigging.   


Although 60HG and 30HG differs in their size, but they both possess the same features mentioned above. The new 50HG is no exception!


So when and where do we use these reels? For 30HG, its line capacity is 600 meter of PE2. Based on this, we can determine that it is best suited for any form of slow jigging within 100m water depth. Should we hooked up big fish in shallow water, 30HG have enough capabiliy to fight and land it. 60HG is best suited for water depth above 200 meter. Its capacity can reach 1200 meter of PE3 line. Due to its large spool diameter, 60HG has higher line retrieve capability. Lower gear ratio ensures effortless line retrieval. Retrieving heavy jig in deep water is easier compare to using other brand. High drag and torque power lets you conquer your monster fish with ease.


50HG is consider the lightest and strongest among the middle class range. The main battle field for slow jigging is at water depth 100 to 200 meter. This water column lives most monsters and you can rely on 50HG to deliver the results you want.


50HG is design for you to hold comfortably. It holds 600 meter of PE3 line yet its self weight is only 560g. More important is 50HG is double drag. The advantage of double drag is that drag force is distributed equally and can last longer. Therefore even if your opponent is yellow fin tuna, 50HG has enough line capacity to meets its crazy run and enough drag to wear it down. However, although 50HG is an outstanding reel, it is still in different class as compare to 60HG. When fishing in monsters ground at 160 meter above, 60HG is still a better choice for its larger spool size and higher drag, which results in longer line retrival per crank and power to battle stubborn fish.


We should not judge a reel by its look. A reel should be judged by its internal functions performance. A reels performance is derives from the hard work of research and development of slow jigging professional angler. The determination and selection of reel functions critical for slow jigging is the results of  detailed research and development efforts. We are confident because Oceanfreaks is slow jigging dedicated brand from Japan


captcha30hgは小型レバードラグベイトリールです、captcha60hgのDNAを引き継ぎながら違う分野で活躍できるように開発した近海用モデル。 今まで近海ジギングはほとんどスタードラグが主流でした、確かにスタードラグベイトリールは ワンタッチでクラッチが切れますので便利ですが、構造上ドラグ力限界があります、一番の問題 は瞬時にドラグ調整できない事である、一旦ドラグを触ると元のドラグ値に中々正確に戻れないの が現状です、 近海ジギングではよく突発的に青物(ブリ、ヒラマサ)が当たってきます、captcha30hgはそ れを想定して開発したモデルである、ボディサイズ、ラインキャパはなるべく近海用スタードラグリールに近いサイズで、大型レバードラグベイトリール性能を持つように設計しました。 captcha30hgのボディ、スプール、レバードラグは全て6061冷間鍛造アルミ材の削り出し、 強靱なボディこそ10kg超えのドラグ値に耐えれます。 ドラグワッシャーはカーボンクロス採用によりスムーズな出だしと持続的に滑らかなドラグ性能を発揮する。 ドライブギアは当社独自開発の特殊表面加工強化アルミを使い高強度と滑らかな巻き心地を実現した、 例えモンスターに遭遇しても絶対負けない強さを持ってます。 絶妙なギア比により十分なライン回収量とハイパワーな巻き上げ力両立実現。 手のひらに収まるコンパクトボディのおかけで片手でのサミング、レバードラグ操作できるようになりました、底物釣りの頻繁なクラッチのON.OFFもストレスなく行えます。 captcha30hgは近海ライトジギング対応しつつ余裕あるラインキャパで中深海アカムツにも最適、

Are you looking for a powerful high capacity single lever clutch operated slow jigging reel in a small size? We at Ocean Freaks are proudly presenting the CaptCha 30HG.  This is a one-of-a-kind slow jigging reel that uses a single touch operated lever to disengage and reengage the clutch in an instant.  Also, it allows you to easily set the line drag with a simple touch of your finger.  Most mainstream jigging reel in this class uses a conventional star pattern leaver to operate the clutch which can be a bit cumbersome in some situations.  The benefits of a single-touch operated lever is being able to control the reels clutch in an instant, allowing you to keep your large catch under control. On a conventional star pattern lever reel, it can be difficult at times to return to a previous line drag setting value after changing the clutch setting.  So we at Ocean Freaks have introduced the CaptCha 30HG as a new option for coastal water fishing.  The CaptCha 30HG has been redesigned and based off of our popular Captcha 60HG reel. The design of all of our CaptCha products are exceptional.  Also the materials used in hand building these product are the finest.  The aluminum alloy that is used in this product is referred to as the A6061 alloy.  This aluminum alloy is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy that contains magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements.  This allows us to machine a fine reel and body that is not only light but very strong.  As a result this compact light weight reel can easily handle drag exceeding 10 Kg.  The drag control washer uses a carbon fiber surface to allow for a sustainable smooth line control under any conditions.  The gear drive in this reel adopts a reinforced aluminum alloy which has been treated for the harsh conditions of salt water fishing. When fishing in deep coastal waters with the goal of a big catch, it can be quite tiresome without the right equipment.  But with the CaptCha 30HG you can catch more and larger heaver fish with the easy to use drag lever system with relative ease. The optimal gear ratio allows for quick line retraction and helps in hoisting heavy weight.  Also, the compact design of the body which easily fits in your palm makes thumbing with one hand an easy task.  This important feature makes the frequent on-and-off operation of the clutch much easier and can reduce the strain and stress of heavy costal water fishing. The Captcha 30HG is also suitable for benthic zone fishing with the goal to catch fish such as the prized rosy seabass.  The high line capacity allows fishing in this zone a breeze.  The excellent size-to-weight ratio makes light jigging in coastal waters a pleasant experience too. We have left hand drive reels available as well.  The CaptCha 30HG is an excellent option for both beginner as well as experts do to the unique drag lever control system.  Fish with confidence and ease with the CaptCha 30HG!